Why Should I Attend?


Why Attend?

There is a LOT going on in the Microsoft Dynamics GP space and opportunities to invest in your technical skills and network with other partners are few and far between. As a Dynamics GP partner in a technical role, this is your time to train, learn, and network with your peers and Microsoft.

This year the Dynamics GP Tech Conference is really focused on engineering and deep implementer resources. I'm excited about hearing from other Partners about their experiences along with the information coming directly from Microsoft.

- Errol Schoenfish | Director Product Marketing, Microsoft


Supercharge your Dynamics GP Knowledge

Dedicated Networking Opportunities

Rediscover the Birthplace of Dynamics GP

Tailored Consultant, Developer and Implementor Education

How does the Dynamics GP Tech Conference Compare to Other GPUG Events?

GPUG Amplify and GPUG Summit are end-user conferences. There is little time for you, as a partner, to invest in your own development when you are working booths, presenting content, and meeting with customers. Click here for a comparison of all of our 2017 GPUG events.

Fargo: Local Flavor and What to See in the Home of GP


There is a pizza place in downtown Fargo called ‘Sammy’s Pizza.’ It is the GP pizza place. For years when we have [Microsoft GP] team events, we go to Sammy’s. They have really good pizza!

- Pam Misialek | Microsoft Dynamics GP Marketing Manager, Microsoft




While in Fargo, visit the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center to view Bill Gates', founder of Microsoft, (and 99 other celebrities') signatures, hand-prints and footprints in cement!